8 Tips for Call Center Interview

Let’s say you are looking for a job. You’ve been thinking of applying for a Call Center job. You understand the basic requirements of the job and are confident that you fit the bill. You have already sent a mail to the HR department of the company along with your resume and are expecting a call for interview. But, are you prepared for that Interview? If the answer is Yes, then congrats and best of luck. But if the answer is a No then, well… just keep reading for the call center interview tips.

Here, we have come up with 8 Tips for Call Center Interview that would come in handy.

  1. Research the Company: It would be good if you’re able to go through the company website or their brochures to know it better. It would give you an idea of company values. Know the company keywords and use them during the interview.
  2. Formal Wear: Wear something that is formal or semi-formal. It would give you a better outlook.
  3. Punctuality Counts: Reaching the venue before time is always a plus point. You would be more relaxed during the interview than when you have barely made it there drenched in sweat and odour.
  4. Patience is Virtue: The interview process may take sometime before your turn comes up. Some organizations deliberately call all candidates at the same time which results in considerable waiting period. Be calm and patient. You are expected to be fresh and active when you meet the interviewer.
  5. Watch that body language: Smile. Sit straight. Be enthusiastic. When handshaking, apply equal pressure. Keep a good eye contact. These are little things that would go a long way in making a positive impact.
  6. Be Confident:┬áIt is good to be self-assured but make sure it should not turn into over confidence. People can get easily put off by over confidence. It’s not welcomed anywhere.
  7. Never badmouth your former/present employer: You may think of your ex-employer as a devil incarnate but an interview is not the place to take out your frustrations. Even if an interviewer knows about your company through grapevine and prods you to reveal some details, politely decline.
  8. Be Honest: Never try to hide anything from the interviewer because sooner or later it would be found out. Besides, what’s the point of putting pressure on your conscience (Philosophical! I know). In the end, everyone appreciates honesty as one of the golden virtues.

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