8 Tips to get promotion in call center

If you want to make a career in call center, it is very important that you grow very fast. I was once told by my boss that there is no traffic jam a mile ahead. What she meant was call center has the maximum manpower as telecallers and once you rise from this level to team leader level the competition will reduce drastically. So, here are some tips which will help you get that promotion in call center:

  1. Know your job: This is the first and most important step to your growth. Know what are you doing in the organisation. What is your organisation doing. Have a complete knowledge of all products and services that your company is providing.
  2. Know your Key Performance Indicators: Key Performance Indicator or KPI are the values based on which your performance will be measured in your organisation. Ensure that you are aware about all these parameters and how are they calculated. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to ask for clarity from your superiors. Some of the common parameters in a call center are
    • Average Handle Time
    • Sales or conversions
    • Call Quality
    • Customer Satisfaction Scores
  3. Make sure that you are on the top of the stack: Almost all call centers have a stack ranking for their employees to compare their performance. A stack ranking is simply putting all employee performance scores in a descending order based on their KPIs. This gives the management a clear idea about the top and bottom performers. So you will have to make sure that your performance is such that you are among the top 5% of employees.
  4. Learn from the master: If there is some parameter where you are struggling, approach someone who is doing well on it. Never feel shy in asking for help. I remember learning most of Microsoft excel formatting sitting with an executive when I was a team leader. Most people feel happy teaching others. You make thicker bonds with your peers and make them feel respected as an expert.
  5. Know your Boss’s job: This might sound a little odd but will be very useful. You need to know what is important for your Boss. In other words, what critical values is he or she looking at on a regular basis. If possible look at the reports that he or she is making and learn how to make them. Remember, this learning is over and above your own job. Hence, you might have to invest some extra time.
  6. Make sure your Boss’s Boss knows you: This in no way means that you show insubordination towards your manager. What I mean here is that your performance should be such that you are known to higher management. The way to do it is, firstly show good performance and secondly take extra responsibility.
  7. Plan your Leaves: This might sound very small but is very significant. One of the biggest trouble call center management faces is unplanned absenteeism. So, make sure you are not a part of this problem and hence perceived as non-serious.
  8. Know your Excel: One of the most important skill you will need to grow in a call center is working knowledge of spread sheets or Microsoft excel. Almost all reports and trends are captured and analysed in spread sheets. So a good knowledge of excel will go a long way.

So, best of luck. Remember, you can get a fast promotion in call center but you cannot get an easy promotion. You will have to put in some hard work initially to get out of the traffic jam.

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