Agitated Customer : Tips to handle them

There is nothing serious in a business than an agitated customer, and a successful business is one which has a manpower possessing the special skills to handle such customers.
The author has tried to jot down an overview of some of such useful skills which might be referred to as customer cooling skills (CCS) for such an hour.
Top skills to be possessed could be as follows:

  • Listening – Listen very patiently and react very empathetically, if at all required. The last thing an agitated customer would want is any interruption while reporting a grievance and the first thing which they admire and which undoubtedly would help them cool down a bit is lending them an ear.
  • Consideration – Be considerate to offer the customer a seat and a drink or a snack in a very courteous manner. The customer will definitely feel and appreciate the courtesy, with or without expressing the satisfaction directly.
  • Accept and Apologise – After listening to their grievance completely and understanding it, do not waste time to accept negligence and apologising for the fault. The anger would certainly cool down a bit more by now.
  • Reassurance – After accepting and apologising reassuring the customer for not to repeat the incident in the future would go a long way making customer a regular client.
  • Compensation – Compensating a customer with a grievance could be a step forward in a business. The compensation could be for a customer’s fuel being used to come back and report, it could be an on the spot free gift or a free service offer. You will see a cool customer by now. After all taking leads and referrals might be in the store by offering this service.
  • Argument– A biggest no to any argument at any point of all the discussion with any agitated customer please.
    Hope to convert an agitated customer to a cool customer referring more customers at the end.

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