Basic requirements for call center job

So you have been pondering over for some time now to go for that call center job but are not aware of the basic requirements for call center job. We have come up with a list of basic skillset that you may find handy to decide if you’re cut for the job.

Following are the 7 basic requirements for call center job that are expected of a candidate:

  1. Communication Skills: This is the first and the most important skill you will require to work and grow in a call center. Clear verbal communication skill is a must for telecalling profile. You can choose between domestic and international processes based on the languages you know. Gift of gab will go a long way in this profile.
  2. Listening skills: Another key skill required in this profile is the skill of listening. One needs to hear what a customer is saying without interrupting him/her. Understanding what is being said forms a key requirement of this job.
  3. Computer Skills: Almost all call centers use computers for Customer Relation Management applications. An executive is expected to use a computer to fetch and input relevant information using the recommended software. Although companies will train you on their customized software but one is expected to have a basic set of computer skills.
  4. Patience: This is the mantra to make a career in call center industry. You will need to interact with all kind of customers day on day. They might be polite and respectful or rude and abusive. One needs to keep his/her calm while interacting with any such customers.
  5. Multitasking: You become a master juggler once you start working in a call center. If you can manage multiple tasks at the same time then you will feel right at home in this profile. You will need to check customer details, punch in information and do a bunch of other stuff while talking to the customer, all at the same time.
  6. Flexibility of Time: Most call centers operate 24×7. As a result, the employees are expected to work in shifts. You might get a fixed or rotational shift. Even the weekly off or holiday might keep shifting.
  7. Interpersonal skills: Call center job is all about interacting with people. Not only customers but also peers, supervisors, trainers and others. Good interpersonal skills will be the key to grow in this industry.


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