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When we talk about career in a call center, the first thing that comes to our mind is a telecaller. Call Center Careers go way beyond telecalling profiles. Although telecallers form majority manpower in a call center, there are a host of other profiles as well. These can be divided into two broad categories:

  1. Calling profiles
  2. Non-calling profiles


Calling Profiles

Calling profiles are those call center careers which involve making or receiving calls. In other words, this profile involves talking to customers over the telephone. You should choose a profile based on your temperament. The various options available are:

  • Telemarketing or Telesales: This profile involves selling a product to a customer over the phone. The targets are generally sales related. You will be required to make a certain number of quality sales over a day or over a month. If you have a flair for sales then this is a very good profile. Most companies give you a handsome amount in form of sales incentives.
  • Service telecalls: This profile generally relates to providing product related information and after sales service to the customers. Most job profiles in this category are inbound in nature. This profile involves less sales but you need to be well versed in product features. People with patient nature tend to do well in such profiles.
  • Relationship building telecalls: In this profile generally customers are given feel good type of calls to enhance their loyalty to the company. Payment reminder and membership renewal related calls also fall in this category. Companies look for people who are very polite and warm sounding to fill these profiles.
  • Retention telecalls: This profile relates to calling the existing customer who plan to discontinue their association with an organization. This profile requires you to be persuasive and very patient. You might need to deal with dissatisfied customers. Companies tend to give telecallers retention incentives as in case of sales in such profiles.
  • Technical telecalls: This profile relates to solving the technical problems of a customer. These calls involve troubleshooting for the customer over the phone. The job requires specialized knowledge. Companies usually employ engineers or subject matter experts for these profiles. Technical telecallers are generally paid better than non-technical telecallers.


Non-Calling Profiles

There are a number of profiles which fall under the category of non-call related call center careers. These act as support to main call center operations. Most companies, however,  require some prior call center experience to hire you in these profiles. Options in this category are as follows:

  • Trainer: All call centers hire trainers to train their new employees and retrain their existing staff. Some companies hire different trainers for Product training, Voice & Accent training and Technical training. Good communication skills and confidence to face an audience are the basic skills that an organization looks in a trainer.
  • Quality Analyst: All organizations place high importance on the quality of transaction with their customers. Customer satisfaction forms the backbone of service industry. In order to maintain this level of customer satisfaction, companies hire Quality Analysts. The job of a quality analyst is to audit the interactions of an executive with the customer. They compare it to set processes of the company and rate each interaction. Apart from audits in some organizations, a quality analyst is also expected to give feedback to executives. A keen eye for detail is a must for this profile.
  • Work Force Management: This is a very critical profile in any call center. This involves planning and forecasting of resources in a call center for optimum utilization. This profile requires good analytical, mathematical and logical bent of mind.
  • MIS and Reporting: This profile relates to maintaining and publishing all reports and trends in a call center. This is also a very critical profile as most decisions are made based on reports published by this department. Good analytical, mathematical skills and working knowledge of spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and Database management are a must for this profile.

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