Work Force Management Part 2: Calculate required manpower in a month

In this post, we will learn how to calculate required manpower you would need to hire in a given month. Accurate required manpower projection form a crucial part of Work Force Management. So, let’s get going.

Calculate required manpower in a specific month:

The parameters you will require in order to calculate this value are as follows:

  1. Forecasted Calls (FC)
  2. Average Call Handling Time (ACHT)
  3. Average Staffing Time for each executive
  4. Required Occupancy Levels
  5. Planned Shrinkage
  6. Unplanned Shrinkage

Now go through the following steps to calculate required manpower.

Step 1:
Based on your average daily call forecast, calculate required present manpower for a particular day.

Step 2:
Calculate required manpower count you require to cater to the planned and unplanned shrinkage. For example, if your daily planned shrinkage is 15% and daily unplanned shrinkage is 10% then you need to roster approximately 33% more manpower.
Why 33% and not 25%?.
We will understand this with an example
Let us suppose that my average daily required present manpower is 100 executives
With a shrinkage of 25 executives the present headcount will be 100-25= 75
To make up for this shortfall we need to roster 25 extra executives i.e. 25/75 *100= 33%


Keep in mind

  1. Planned Shrinkage includes weekly off and any planned leaves/attrition.
  2. Unplanned Shrinkage includes absenteeism and unplanned attrition


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