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Pros and Cons of outsourcing customer service/BPO

Before we come to Pros and Cons of outsourcing let’s first try to understand what actually is outsourcing? Outsourcing means sharing some of your work with the outside parties. It is mainly through separating a particular unit of the organization or hiring third party organization for that job. Now let’s look at its advantages or disadvantages.


1. Risk reduction: Outsourcing helps the organization in shifting responsibility towards the third party. In a customer service risk of data loss is very high which when shared with the third party is reduced to a significant extent.
2. Cost Control: The operational and recruitment costs are reduced to a large extent.
3. Focus on other issues: When customer service is outsourced the management can focus more on other major issues in hand.
4. Swiftness: The work can be carried on more swiftly when it is outsourced as expertise is present in that particular organization regarding that work.


1. Choice of right party: If the work is outsourced to a party which is not an expert in that particular field then it can affect the image of the organization in a big way. So the outsourcing partner should be chosen with care.
2. Sharing of confidential data: When the work is outsourced, some of the confidential data of the organization is also shared with the third party which may prove to be risky for the organization.
3. Customer focus: The customer focus of the outsourcing partner may not be that high if that particular work is carried on by the organization it-self.
4. Other issues: There are other problems concerned with outsourcing which include the lack of securing levels in the outsourcing level or untrained staff or legal costs in an agreement.

But all these cons can become pros if outsourcing partner is selected with utmost care.

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Top 8 Customer Service Mistakes that impact your business

It is a well known fact that customer service is of great importance and benefit for any business, company or corporate office. But sometimes the same important department becomes a source of loss for the company due to common customer service mistakes committed by it. There are some common and most important mistakes which are made by customer service relevant to any field. Have a look:

  1. Inaccessibility of the customer service in times of urgency at the customer’s end is one of the most important customer service mistakes made by a company. Even delay in responding to the queries of the customers also leads to loss of customer base.
  2. Unavailability of information required by the customer or not connecting the customers to the concerned staff in the company or organization is another common mistake.
  3. Broken or impossible promises made by the customer service leads to loss of interest and faith of the client base in the company.
  4. Not listening to the queries of the customers carefully and connecting them with inappropriate staff or such guidelines which are of no sue to the customers.
  5. Responding in a negative language or not responding to the query of the customers completely is another important mistake. It makes a negative impression on the client base.
  6. Expression of inability of the customer staff to help the concerned clients is also a mistake which may reduce customer base of the company. It also diminishes the reputation of the company in the relevant field.
  7. Poor record keeping is also one of the major mistakes of the customer service as it leads to loss of time, money and energy on the part of the customer service as well as the client.
  8. Keeping the clients waiting for a long time due to any reasons is also one of the top mistakes made by customer service. It makes customers irritated and leaves a negative impression about the company.

To ensure proper working of customer service in your organization, apt measures should be taken to avoid these mistakes.

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