WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE quitting the job

Getting a job is not difficult but getting a good job is.
Sometimes it becomes difficult to cope with the pressure of job. It may be due to difficult boss or conflict with the colleagues or monetary issues where you are not paid what you were promised or promotional issues. Now let’s see what to do in what circumstances.


: When your job is not paying you adequately and you are in need of more finances you can look for other options for increasing your monetary benefits like taking a part time job. If you are not able to spare time to go and work part time you can take online jobs too. Also when in need of finances you can take permission of the organization and work overtime in that organization.

Promotion issues

: You can talk to management regarding it. But it will be good if you don’t act as a cry baby. You can send an email to the management regarding why you feel you deserved promotion more underlining your achievements.

Conflict with the colleagues

: This is very common in the organizations. The best thing you can do is to first talk with that particular person and clarify all the misunderstandings if this doesn’t work then you can talk to the management regarding it.

Conflict with the boss

: You should be calm regarding it and act with an open mind. Things can go worse in other organization you join. So before quitting on this issue you should think carefully regarding all the pros and cons.

Other issues

: These include transfer or family issue where you have to look at someone in your family. You can look for other options in for this but again I would say that you should share your point with the management and look for any other solution before quitting the job.

Most issues resolve themselves if given some time to settle. Having suggested that nothing is more important than your own mental and physical health. Keep in mind quitting the job is not the end of your career and sooner or later you will find a better source of income.

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