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Average Abandonment Rate in call center

Average Abandonment Rate or Abandoned percentage as it is commonly known is the percentage of calls dropped or abandoned before being answered by an executive.
Let’s understand this with an example:
Say during a particular interval a total of 50 customers called on your helpline and chose to speak to an executive. Due to call flow all these customers went into a call queue before their call was answered. Out of these 50 customers 10 chose not to wait for their call to be answered and dropped the call or in simple words hung up. So in this scenario the Average Abandonment Rate or Average Abandoned percentage will be
Abandoned%= (Calls abandoned/ Calls offered) * 100 = (10/50)*100 = 20%
Keep in mind that Average Abandonment Rate is directly linked to Average speed of Answering ASA or Average Wait TimeAWT. Greater the ASA or AWT higher will be abandoned percentage.
Another simple way of calculating Average Abandonment Rate is to simply subtract Answering rate from 100%
For example if for a particular period answering rate is 92% then the abandoned% for this period will be 100%-92%= 8%
IF you are managing operations in a call center then this is a very critical parameter to gauge the performance of your process. You will need to manage your staffing carefully during peak call flow intervals to keep abandoned% to a minimum level
Another critical parameter that you would want to know is Call Center Service Level : Definition and Calculation
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