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Mentor-Buddy System

What is it?

Often, we hear about the terms Buddy System or Mentor-Buddy System or simply Buddy-up. But, what do those terms mean?

As per Wikipedia, a buddy system is a procedure in which two people, called buddies, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other. Within the call center industry, this system is better known as the Mentor-Buddy System.

A Mentor-Buddy system is usually the last part of process training wherein a new employee is placed as a buddy next to an experienced colleague (i.e. Mentor). The mentor guides and helps the new employee understand the dynamics of the job in an actual scenario. A Buddy would be a silent listener to the calls taken by a Mentor and would either discuss the call afterwards with him or the process trainer to understand the scenario better.

Benefits of Mentor-Buddy System

  • The new employee would get acclimatized to their new working environment faster.
  • The new employee would learn quicker, becoming more efficient on the job.
  • The initial confusion and uncertainty faced by new employees is greatly reduced.
  • Helps with bonding between co-workers.
  • It’s also a Trust building exercise.
  • Team members would take ownership of mentoring their peers, thereby, contributing towards the company/organization.

Depending upon whether you are a new employee or an experienced one, you may want to follow some norms while Mentor-Buddy system is in place.

If you are a Buddy (i.e. new employee)

  • Ask questions: There’s just one way to understand a process more effectively. Ask without fear what you don’t understand.
  • Don’t interfere too much while the Mentor is on call. That might distract them from performing properly on call. Patiently wait for the call to end to ask your questions.
  • Be friendly: More the rapport, more easily you might learn.

If you are a Mentor

  • Don’t be anxious. You need to understand that your buddy is there to learn from you, not judge you.
  • A buddy is not a burden.
  • Be accommodating. Honestly and patiently answer all the queries.
  • Ask them if they understand a procedure that you perceive difficult.


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