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Call Forecast in call center

Call forecast in a call center is simply an estimated call volume you expect to land in your call center in the future. A timely and accurate call forecast will help you hire and train correct count of manpower well in time. Generally, companies tend to forecast call volumes 3-6 months in advance. It depends upon hiring and induction time for the process.

Factors used to determine call forecast are as follows

  • Calls per subscriber trends: This is the trend of count of calls you receive in your call center over a month divided by the total subscriber base. For example, if you have 100 subscribers and you get 50 calls in a month then your Calls per Subscriber(CPS) will be 50/100= 0.5
  • Historical call arrival trends: This is the trend of calls you received in previous months or the same month the previous year. This trend depends on multiple factors like holidays, major events, extreme weather conditions etc.
  • Planned product launches: Any new product launch might lead to an increased call volume which should be forecasted.
  • Major change in product or services: A new servicing, marketing strategy might lead to an increase or decrease of call volumes. This should be factored at the time of call forecast activity.

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