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Work Force Management Part 1: Calculate required present manpower in two easy steps

Have you always thought Work Force Management (WFM) to be a complicated task? I will try and break this myth in this and subsequent posts.

Calculate required present headcount on a specific day

First thing in Work Force Management is knowing the count of executives which you need on floor on any given day. The input parameters you will require for this calculation are as follows:

Now go through the following steps to calculate the manpower:

Calculate the call handling capacity of an executive (CHC)
CHC= (Staffing time * Occupancy%) / ACHT
For example if you have to calculate CHC of an executive with staffing time of 400 minutes/day and ACHT of 10 minutes, working at an occupancy of 80% then
CHC = (400 * 80%) / 10 = 32

So, an executive will be able to handle 32 calls in a day. Keep in mind, both Staffing Time and ACHT have to be in same time unit i.e. minutes or seconds.

Step 2:
Calculate required manpower in a day(RMP)
For example if the daily forecast is 3200 calls and CHC is 32 calls then
RMP= 3200 / 32 = 100
So you will need 100 executives present to take calls to cater to this call volume.

This is a linear calculation which can be used for both inbound and outbound call centers.


If you are looking for way to calculate the required manpower in a month, check it up in another work force management article here.

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