Tips to ruin your call center career

Traditionally call center career is considered to be an easy way to start your professional life even with limited skills. With over 17 years of experience in this field now, I have seen loads of people joining call center and turning it into a dead end job. Achieving this is fairly easy if you don’t want to grow in this industry or are comfortable in a single position. Just follow one or more of these tips and you will most likely ruin your call center career. Be warned that doing the opposite of below recommendations might lead to a promotion or fast career growth.

• Don’t focus on your KPIs – KPI or Key performance indicators are the baseline for measuring efficiency of an individual in call center. Just be oblivious to values like NPS, CSAT, AHT, sales target and you are half way through. The good thing about this advice is that it works for all levels right from telecaller to head of operations.
• Be invisible- You will not need any super powers for this one. Just make sure to have minimum interaction with your manager and seniors. The less they know that you exist lesser will be the chance that you will be recommended for any new assignment or promotion. With large team sizes in call center industry, it is very rare that senior management will recognize more anyone apart from their direct team. People who are more visible because of their good work or participation in various activities tend to stand out and thus have a better chance of faster career progression.
• Refuse any additional work- Make sure to refuse working on any additional assignment or task being given to you. Say that you have to take your dog to a vet or any such excuse. If you are still not able to wriggle out of it then simply do a bad job of it. Taking up additional work apart from your daily work will make you seem to be proactive. Proactive people are generally seen in a good light and thus have more chances of being promoted.
• Never work overtime- Never agree to put in extra hours. Even when you know that your manager needs your help, just give some excuse and get out of there. Management has this habit to identify hard workers from the lot and then give them extra work. Once you have been identified as one of these lot they will try to retain you no matter what thus leading to a successful career.
• Ignorance is Bliss- These are certainly wise words and can go a long way in ensuring a dead end call center career. Simple trick is to keep your knowledge of your company or the product and process you are working on to be very limited. Knowing the processes or product in dept will lead to you being seen as a subject matter expert or SME. Managers generally tend to consult or guide new people to be mentees to such individuals. You know what happens next, first SME and then a team leader and we certainly don’t want that.

Any one or combination of the above tips are a sure shot way of stalling your call center career growth. Doing the opposite will surely boost it!!!

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